Once Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation quoted that “India lives in its village”.

An Indian village is the true reflection of rich culture and tradition of India. And, the best way to peep into a bucolic ambiance of an Indian village is by indulging yourself in a village tour. As the name reflects, village tourism means a tourism that deals with a tour to rustic environment of a village. Similar to other forms of tourism, Village tourism is also a part and parcel of Indian tourism industry.

Village tourism aids a traveller you to have an insightful look into a different world of calm and serenity. Chirping birds, mud-plastered walls and thatched roofs of village huts, big shaded trees, green patches of land and zig-zag kutcha roads are the prime facet of an Indian Village. And, if you have the desire to immerse yourself in the nostalgia of a village surrounding than you must opt for Village tourism.

We have started with two villages in South Sikkim and partnered the locals in these villages to start home stays. We have also helped the owners of these home stays to bring the quality of the accommodation up to a comfortable level and have educated them on basic health and hygiene.


Maniram is a small village 09 kms from Namchi in South Sikkim and is inhabited by the Tamang community , they provide a unique experience to its visitors exposing them to the rich local culture , traditional lifestyle, art and home cooked traditional meals and the guest becomes a part of the home stay family.

The guest are taken for a village tour, the guest are indulged in village activities like gardening, milking cows, floriculture etc. Tourists can also take short treks to the near by hills like Shankarey bhir, Cheel dara, Ravi khola cave ,Bull cave.

The village community also organizes cultural shows for their guest at the community hall.


It is located 10 kms above Namchi and is a Sherpa village which is renowned for its vegetable farming and adventure treks to the near by hills and has great scenic views of the near by places of Darjeeling , Kalimpong and Mt.Kanchanjunga

One can go for a village tour and visit monastery, Sherpa labdar, lake , view point for take a short trek to Tendong hill, Smadruptse.

The villagers also organize classes on organic farming for the guests.