Breakfast at the hotel and drive to Martham en route visiting Rumtek Monastery.

Rumtek Monastery -24 Kms. from Gangtok is the awe -inspiring Rumtek Monastery, the world Dharma chakra Centre and the seat of His Holiness, the Gyalwa Karmapa, who is the head of the Kagyupa order of Tibetan Buddhism. Behind the main monastery is the lavishly decorated Karmae Nalanda Institute of Buddhist Studies, which attracts students from the world over. Opposite the entrance to the Institute is a small hall featuring a beautiful jewel studded Chorten the Golden Stupa, which contains the ashes and remains of His Holiness the xvi Gyalwa Karmapa. According to legend, it is believed that after years of meditation, the first Karmapa was said to have been visited by ten thousand fairies who came to congratulate him each of whom offered a strand of her hair as a gift. These were said to have been woven into a black hat, which was passed down and is still at the Rumtek Monastery today. It is said that unless held on to by the wearer (who of course, cannot be anyone else but the Karmapa) or kept in a box, the hat would fly away.

From Martham walk to Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary with packed lunch. This Wildlife sanctuary has an area of 51.76 Sq.Kms. This sanctuary is home to a large number of Wild Orchids, Rhododendrons. The richly forested area is also known to be home for various species of animals and birds.

Late afternoon walk back to Martham and drive to Gangtok.


Breakfast at the hotel and drive to Syari Basti, near Ropeway Deorali.

Syari Basti - After few metallic road hiking will start throughout the Syari Basti. This village is located eastern side of Gangtok. After about 2 hours hike you will reach the river side, across the river you can visit a very old Monastery Name PABYU MONESTRY. The hike is totally downhill, after visit the Monastery you have to climb up till the Syari Basti from where you can drive back to Gangtok.


From Gangtok town drive to Pangthang via bogoghori, it will take 1.5 hours. The small village has a School, church and play ground. From hare start trekking for Sang through the mountain ridge and a dense forest. Its a whole day and not an easy trek. Pack lunch should be carried along with water and energy drinks. After reach Sang car can pick up and drive back at the hotel in evening.